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Professor Grant Horner's unusual, challenging, and life-changing

Bible-Reading System is unlike any other you have ever seen. Try it for

ONE MONTH and nd out for yourself! You will never be the same. 

I have been reading the Bible for over 3 decades now. I often try to find a Bible Reading plan that will help me absorb the Scriptures on a regular basis. 

I have reading the Bible-in-a-year plans and become very disenchanted with them because I want to enjoy reading the Bible. But these plans only make me feel guilty because I missed a day or two which can turn into a month. And then guess what? I forfeit! 

So I was so happy to find a plan that changes all that. Now when I miss a day, I want to get back to it; i don't feel guilty.

The attached PDF file will explain it all in detail but the best part of it is the plan is NOT tied to a calendar! And also it is a perpetual plan. That means you can continue using it without having to start over! But it doesn't mean you never finish reading through the Scriptures. 

Professor Horner's Bible Reading Plan* (The link to the Facebook Page is not longer working.)