Alsop Family

Missionaries with FamilyLife


What We Do...

"God's design for the family works. And in a broken world, things that work get noticed."

Lisa and I have served as missionaries with FamilyLife since January of 2001. Nick currently serves the Lord at FamilyLife in the Content Group. He is part of a team called The Content Team.

We are charged with the responsibility of reviewing and editing materials on the broadcasts and books to make sure there aren't any theological errors.

But this doesn't really tell you all that we do. We do so many different other kinds of projects like: checking materials for consistency with our Family Manifesto and creating content for our website:, reviewing resources offered on our online store at: and at our events, serving different departments in FamilyLife with biblical and theological advice.

For example, in 2006 we did a review and edit of the Movement Maker's training manual for our international department called Global Outreach! This manual was a result of FamilyLife Global Outreach changing their focus from event-centered ministry to a movement-building ministry that incorporates events. Movement Makers

Another area we have had a great impact on at FamilyLife is through the need for good biblical counseling and marriage conciliation. The following webpage illustrates that:

Much of what we do at FamilyLife is about ministering to large groups of people through the Weekend to Remember or the radio on FamilyLife Today, but we have recently started a new initiative called Ementoring. So that individuals can minister directly to individuals through email! If this kind of ministry is of interest to you, please let me know at [email protected]. I will put you in touch with the right people.