Alsop Family

Missionaries with FamilyLife

So why did we choose FamilyLife to commit our lives to?

       We were surprised when God led us to become full-time missionaries with FamilyLife!   We never dreamed God would use us in this way.  But we took encouragement from Scripture that says, “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise,” (1 Cor. 1:27).  We attended a Weekend To Remember conference in Dallas (1999).  We’d found out about it through our local radio station. We’d been married for 10 years. From the moment we got married in July of 1989, we knew that it would take God to keep us together. Both of our backgrounds are so different and neither of our parents’ marriages were great. We needed to rely on God to make this marriage work. We had attended many different conference and seminar, read many books, listened to whatever tapes we could find about marriage and family. So this was just another conference for us to learn more about marriage and maybe help someone else. After ten years of seeking out marriage advice in books, tapes, and conferences, we didn’t think we would find anything different about the Weekend To Remember. But God surprised us.      

       Our first conference changed our lives.  We felt the Weekend to Remember was the best thing we’d ever done for our marriage.  When the speakers told us to turn to each other and say, "You are not my enemy", we knew God would use this conference in our marriage. So when we attended our first Weekend To Remember in May of 1999 in Dallas, we were so impressed. They had a session where the men and women met separately. I was floored that they took on the issue of pornography so strongly and directly in that men's session. On Saturday morning of the conference, the Gospel is always shared as the true foundation to marriage and that showed both of us that this ministry was biblical. We also heard that there was a meeting after the conference on Sunday afternoon about staffing needs and so we attended. They told us that FamilyLife was a missionary organization under the umbrella of Campus Crusade for Christ/Cru. Most in the group become uncomfortable at that point, but God was obviously at work in us, because this greatly encouraged us. We wanted to serve the Lord in a full-time ministry! Both of us had been in missions before so we found it so encouraging that FamilyLife was part of Campus Crusade for Christ.

  Our story is just one of so many. God uses our conference in so many different ways; listen to another couple who attended the conference: 

"After being divorced for three years, my husband and I attended a FamilyLife Marriage Conference.  I didn't want to go.  As far as I was concerned, our relationship was dead.  But the conference changed our lives.  As we listened to what the Bible says about marriage and the roles of the husband and wife, we realized we had done it all wrong.  We decided to start dating again.  Four months later, we were remarried.  We've been remarried for eight months now and this past weekend, we went to our second FamilyLife Marriage Conference--this time as a married couple.  Our marriage is a dream come true for our six-year-old son.  He can hardly believe the thing he wanted most has happened...his mommy and daddy are together again." 

       Isn’t that awesome!  And this is what God is doing through FamilyLife.  These are the stories we hear everyday.  Has FamilyLife touched you in any way?  Lisa and I were living in Dallas at the time God called us to this ministry and we left everything to come here and be a part of this life-changing ministry. 

        However, many who attend our conference don’t realize that families like us are solely supported by families like you.  Our working here to help save and strengthen marriages and families like yours is only possible because of a support team of people like you who share our burden and are committed to support us financially.  Did you know that FamilyLife is reaching millions through our FamilyLife conferences and events, Art of Marriage and Stepping Up Video Series , FamilyLife Today radio program, HomeBuilders Couples Series, and other resources?  I help oversee the quality of these outreaches and resources on our content team and Lisa helps the FamilyLife Staff Wives team (as well as being the love of my life, pouring herself into our children, homeschooling our two lovely daughters, and keeping me together).  However, all this ministry would not take place if it wasn’t for the faithful participation of special people like you.

        We need your financial support to continueWe know you may support other causes but we want to ask you a few questions as you consider being a part of ours.  Do you pound the table, as Dennis Rainey would say, believing that marriages and families are critical to the future of our country?  To the church?  To you?  Do you realize how the tide of divorce is tearing families apart?  How about the issue of Same Sex Marriage? Given the importance of this, would you please take a moment right now to consider what God would have you do?  We really appreciate it! Thank you so much for considering our ministry.  We really look forward to developing a mutually-encouraging relationship.  Just think about it thoughBy coming alongside us, you could literally help save a familySeriously, now that’s a good return on investment!!!

We have a page that answers a few of the more popular questions we have gotten about FamilyLife. Each question is answered in an audio format with Paula Dumas asking Bob Lepine (the cohost of Familyife Today and my boss) the questions. Check it out at: FamilyLife Q & A

Should you need to contact us, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]