Nicholas & Lisa Alsop

serving with Josh McDowell Ministries, a division of Cru

We serve as missionaries with Cru, assigned to Josh McDowell Ministry as directors of Curricula Development. It is both our joy and privilege to serve.

 We want to share with you the story of God's love, provision, and guidance for our family. Please look through the pages on our website to learn more about us and our work. 

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In 1999 we strongly felt the call of God into full time ministry. In 2018 Nick was approached by Josh McDowell Ministry about a brand new initiative...


What Is Josh McDowell Ministries?

Josh McDowell Ministries' focus is on sharing the essential truths of the Christian faith so that all people are prepared for a life of faith and the work of ministry. This includes meeting needs by leveraging resources, producing excellent materials, utilizing new technologies and strategic partnerships.


What We Do:

Nick's job focus will be to develop Biblical, and theological curriculum and make it available in the most useful format for our international partners to reach their own countries. 
Josh McDowell Ministries and other Cru leadership are committed to providing us with the freedom but also the support to develop the direction of the curriculum department. We will be meeting together to do strategic planning and thinking to make it the best possible.


The mission of Josh McDowell Ministry is

to serve others until the whole world hears about Jesus.